I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Art Education.  

I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership from Antioch University.

The first 6 years of my career I taught Elementary Art, traveling between 3 schools within Little Miami School District

Then I moved to Springfield where I became one of the Art teachers and taught for 6 years at Northeastern High school

After that, I moved over to Kenton Ridge High School to become the head of the Art Department and taught another 11 years

Now I’m the Art teacher at Global Impact STEM Academy and I’m looking forward to new and exciting challenges for both myself and the students!

My hobbies are:

  1. Taking care of our livestock….we have cattle, chickens and a couple donkeys

  2. Gardening and Canning

  3. I have an African Parrot named “Charlie” who is 42 yrs. old– We spend time educating and developing his vocabulary

  4. Playing with our dogs

  5. Honoring Our Countries Veteran