Our initial application window has closed; however, interested applicants can still apply to be put on our alternate list to be considered for enrollment in the order they are received.

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Results will be posted at 7PM on February 28th via the GISA website after results are received from an outside accounting firm. A unique student number will recognize each applicant.

Global Impact STEM Academy Lottery – February 28th

Results Posted @ 7:00 p.m.

 A unique student number will recognize each applicant.

Global Impact STEM Academy lottery process for enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year (If Applicable):

In Global Impact’s effort to maintain a desired culture and climate that promotes adequate class and school size it is the boards intent to keep grade levels at approximately 100 students.  Global Impact intends to accept between 115 students each year in each grade level, with the extra 15 students to account for foreseeable attrition each year.  To accomplish this, Global Impact will conduct a lottery for applications received during the period of November 3rd through the end of the day on January 31st, if the number of applicants exceed that of 115 for it’s incoming 7th, 8th, & 9th grade classes. 

After submitting an application and sitting through an interview with a Global Impact staff member and parent, students will be eligible for the lottery to be held on February 28th.  Siblings of current students and children of Global Impact staff members will receive preferred consideration for available spots*. 

The lottery will be vetted and certified by an outside accounting firm to ensure a fair and equitable process.  The day of the lottery, all eligible applicants will be assigned a number.  The first available spots will go to those preferred sibling and staff member students.  The remainder of the spots will be randomly selected.  All unique numbers associated with each student will be selected.  Numbers selected after the desired 110 students have been selected will be alternates and contacted to fill those spots if selected students withdraw and spots become available.  The alternate list will be maintained for future years and students on that waitlist will not need to reapply in future years.  If a spot becomes available through attrition, those alternates will be contacted and invited to attend. 

For spots in grade levels OTHER than incoming 7th, 8th & 9th grades:

For applicants with a sibling enrolled at Global Impact, see the portion of this policy regarding sibling enrollment.  In grades 10 & 11, applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis of when they were received starting November 3rd.  There are currently no spots available in these grades and all applications will be considered alternates as seats become available due to withdraws. 

Lottery and enrollment at a glance:

-     Each student is assigned a number

-     Students with preferred consideration are selected for the first available seats

-     Each student number is randomly selected

-     Student numbers are placed in spreadsheet from 1 to (total amount of applicants) 

-     Students selected for the first 115 seats are mailed acceptance letters and enrollment packets March 2th

-     Students whose numbers are drawn for seats after the 115 number has been reached will be considered alternates based on order of when their number was selected

-     Enrollment packets are due back to Global Impact by 4:00 p.m. on April 7th.  If we do not receive an accepted student’s enrollment packet by the deadline, their seat will be forfeited and that opportunity will be given to the next alternate.   

Prospective students of siblings, staff and board members further explained:

Siblings of current students and prospective students of staff members must apply like every other applicant to receive preferred consideration. 

-     In an effort to suppress circumventing the established system and to ensure an equitable process for all other applicants, siblings of current students must apply the first year of availability for a new class of students. 

o     Example: if a student has a sibling in grade 10 and chooses not to apply or attend in grade 7, but desires to attend in a future year, they will be added to the alternate list in the order in which their application was received. 

-     However, a staff member’s student will be permitted to enroll in the year that the staff member was hired. 

o     Example: if a staff member was hired in 2018 and they have a 10th grade student, that student would be permitted to attend and they would be added to the current role. 

-     Siblings that apply that are in the same grade or siblings that apply in a year that multiple grade levels are new (i.e. 7th, 8th, & 9th being new in the same year) and one sibling is drawn in the lottery, the other sibling will be automatically be added.  

-     If a student applies and is selected in the lottery and that student has a sibling in a grade level in which that student submitted an application according to the processes determined by Global Impact the first year that their was an opportunity to apply and that student is currently waitlisted, that sibling will be added to the role as well. 

o     Example: if a student applied in the 9th grade and did not make it in the lottery and is currently on the waitlist for next year’s 10th grade and they had a sibling that applied for the 7th grade and were selected in the lottery, that 10th grader would be added to the student body. 

Falsifying information on the application (i.e. siblings) may result in having a prospective student application pulled for consideration. 

Lottery Breakdown outside of siblings, staff and board member prospective students:

All students that are in the lottery will have the equal random chance of acceptance no matter the unique demographic identifiers such as, but not limited to:

-     Geography

-     Social-Economic Status

-     Intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, or athletic or artistic ability

-     Gender, Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Disability, and other protected traits under Global Impact’s non-discrimination policy