Goal: Showcase how stereotypes judge us throughout our lives while representing who we truly are.

Description: Students were tasked with identifying how perspective shapes and guides their (and others) viewpoints of themselves. First, they analyzed how others view them. They placed these words on the outside of their face - representing the sometimes inaccurate and hurtful messaging that judgement can cause on oneself.

On the inside of the image, students included words that they truly feel about themselves. By symbolizing these feelings, students help to recognize the discourse of perspective surrounding one’s feelings towards any topic - whether that be personal or public. These viewpoints shape and identify our viewing of any topic - especially politically and socially. Also, students recognize that in most cases, first impressions and judgements are wildly inaccurate and detrimental.

Subject: Social Studies

Grade Level: 9th, High School


Mastery Assessment

  • Brainstorming words for description and stereotypes
  • Rough draft of artistic expression piece
  • Final draft of artistic expression piece