The following is the standard course sequence for incoming freshmen to Global Impact STEM Academy.


Year Long

  • Mathematics and the Principles of Engineering (STEM Math 2)

  • Animal and Plant Biotechnology and Biology

  • English 2

  • American History and American Government

  • Digital Media and Design


Second Semester

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Chemistry

  • English 4 or English 1112 Dual Enrollment

  • (Foreign Language 2 Dual Enrollment)

  • Environmental Sustainability

First Semester

  • Algebra 2

  • Physical Science

  • English 3 or English 1111 Dual Enrollment

  • (Foreign Language Dual Enrollment)

  • Science and Technology of Foods (embedded with Health for an additional .5 credits)

Students that require a Physical Education credit will complete independent study using Fitbits.


Second Semester

  • Continued Math Progression

  • College Credit Plus Coursework

First Semester

  • *Calculus or College Math

  • Bio-research (2 periods/credits)

  • College Credit Plus Coursework

*Based on college math placement test. Students will progress to future math courses based on this test.


Second Semester

  • College Credit Plus Coursework

First Semester

  • Senior Capstone (2 periods/credits)

  • College Credit Plus Coursework


Every year, students will be enrolled in an advisory class. This class will meet twice a week to reflect, discuss, and build on soft skills (communication, collaboration, leadership). Each year of this course is worth .25 Social Studies credit.


Freshmen and Sophomores will attend breakout sessions. This class will meet three times a week and discuss interesting and engaging topics based on a student's interests. Students will have the opportunity to sign-up for these classes at the beginning of each semester.