Don McKenny retired after 25 years of teaching in Ohio public schools, two years at Miamisburg High School, and 23 years at Tecumseh High School; he is a 4th generation teacher (his oldest daughter is 5th generation, teaching English/journalism at Bourbon County High School in Kentucky, and is the Head Girl's Varsity Soccer Coach); he coached football for 9 years at Miamisburg and 8 years at Tecumseh, and also "coached" the musicals at Tecumseh for 3 years. He is "rehired" here at Global Stem to help with the curriculum changeover.Don earned is B.A. in English & history from Wright State (after attending Ohio University for 2 years), and his M.Ed. in Curriculum, Development, and Assessment from Walden University; he is continuing to work towards a Masters in American history. He is here at Global Stem to prepare young adults to become future voters, future world leaders, and future voices in America's future.

Favorite Thing: My Family

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Teams: Dodgers/Steelers/Michigan