Goal: Create a sustainable ecosystem to track interactions of organisms and matter and to conduct an experiment that simulates human influences on the environment.

Description: In this project, Environmental Sustainability students were challenged to construct a sustainable small scale ecosystem in which they would investigate a human influence on the natural world.  The ecocolumns have two chambers: the terrestrial chamber, the aquatic chamber.  Within these chambers, students observed interactions between living and non-living factors and traced cycles of matter, including nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus.  Also, students chose a variable to test within the ecocolumn and designed a 6 week investigation to simulate the effects of a factor such as runoff or pollution.  They presented their findings through a detailed sketches and scientific papers which summarized their investigation and findings.

Subject: Environmental Sustainability

Grade Level: 10th-11th




Mastery Assessment

  • Labeled sketch of ecocolumn with biogeochemical cycles
  • Formal lab report of 6 week investigation, including data and literature review and conclusions


At the conclusion of the Comic Con, our student panel presents their comic book creation process and answers questions from the crowd.