Goal: Run a successful political campaign as a potential Presidential ticket in 2016.

Description: Following and tracing the actual 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (as well as third party candidates), students will operate and manage their own tickets based on real party principles. Students will design their campaign by researching real world issues, creating campaign videos, making campaign slogans, and participating in multiple Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Election results are simulated based off real world demographics.

During this experience, students will have the opportunity to attend the rally of Tim Kaine of Hillary Clinton's ticket.

Subject: U.S. Government

Grade Level: 9th-10th, High School


Mastery Assessment

  • Inclusion of researched content that showcases knowledge of "real world" politics
  • Completion of each aspect of a campaign - through speeches, primaries, and the General Election
  • Involvement in structured debates and political strategy research