Exposition Nights are the major showcase of student learning taking place at Global Impact STEM Academy. Occurring each semester, expo nights are designed to give students an authentic audience who offer constructive criticism to their projects completed in their coursework. Each expo night is themed around a concept which drives the entire event. We encourage all parents, family, and community members to attend.

Spring 2018: "Health and Wellness"


Projects in this semester reflected current issues in health in wellness: from nutritional intake and physical activity to the mental health crisis and addiction.

Fall 2017: "Perspective"

During this expo night, students presented projects focused on how people view different ideas - or in other words, "perspective." This varied from political perspectives, academic perspectives, to thematic perspectives.


Video shot, compiled and edited by sophomores Isabella Laird, Brady Bair, Hailey Oliver, and Emily McIntosh.


Spring 2017: "Sustainability"

Projects on display from this semester were  focused on the theme of sustainability. Primarily, these projects showcased the need for environmental protection and forward-thinking solutions to ensure our planet remains habitable. Also included were works focused on cultural sustainability - the need to recognize our individuality while also retaining community.