Goal: Educate incoming students and visitors about the science of sound while collaboratively working together to create a 36 ft or 11m high instrument in the front of the school!

Description: Following the design challenge process, students will work in groups of 2-5 to research, design and build a proposed model of a gravity xylophone. The best model or aspects of the best model will be used in the large scale design. Students will learn about:

  • What makes a song and what is the difference between music and noise
  • ound: how density and size of materials affects the tone produced and different types of waves and how they travel
  • The design process: Ask, Budget, Plan, Create and Test, Redesign
  • Presentation and collaboration skills

Subject: Physical Science & Music

Grade Level: 10-11th, High School


  • Repurposed materials from the building project at our school
  • Any materials from home
  • Any medium of their choice: wood, metal, PVC pipes

Mastery Assessment

  • Completion of reflections on science and musical concepts learned, collaboration and soft skills, and design process.
  • Final presentation of group gravity xylophone
At the conclusion of the Comic Con, our student panel presents their comic book creation process and answers questions from the crowd.