These are the major policies and operations of Global Impact STEM Academy. For a full list, please see our official handbook.


Our school motto of my life, my choice, my impact recognizes the need for students to treat themselves, peers, and the facility with respect. Bullying and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. We pride ourselves on our students' ability to integrate everyone into our community.

Our values are reinforced through Keeping it SIMP(le):

- Continue to improve
- Strive for excellence
- Propel others to succeed

- Find your fascination
- Celebrate success (yours and theirs)
- Know you are awesome

- Consider the needs of others
- Serve the community
- Give back

- Do the right thing (with or without notice)
- Be honest with yourself
- Accept responsibility


Middle School
First Period | 7:45-8:55
Second Period | 8:55-10:05
Third Period | 10:05-11:15
STEM Connect | 11:15-11:40
Lunch | 11:40-12:10
Fourth Period | 12:10-1:20
Fifth Period | 1:20-2:30

High School
First Period |
Second Period | 9:11-10:38
Lunch A | 10:38-11:08
Lunch B |11:08-11:38
Third Period | 11:38-1:04
Fourth Period | 1:04-2:30

Global Impact's schedule does not contain strict class period times or bells. Instead, students will use this schedule as a baseline guide.

All core curriculum classes at Global Impact are on a block schedule to ensure time for collaboration, an intense workload, and individualization

For high schoolers, during a student's A or B non-lunch period, they will participate in either breakout sessions (Mon/Wed/Fri) or advisory (Tues/Thurs).

Dress Code

Dress code is one of our few defined rules. All students are expected to dress in business casual. Defining what this means is an ongoing process and we know it can be hard to determine. The following are examples of what we consider business casual:


  • Button-up shirts
  • Khakis / capris
  • Polos
  • Sweaters
  • (Men) Tucked in shirt with belt
  • (Women) Skirts/dresses knee length or below
  • Well kept tennis shoes or dress shoes

Not Allowed

  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Leggings



Periodically, we have dress down days where students may wear casual attire:

Not Allowed

  • Shorts
  • Leggings



  • T-Shirts with positive messages
  • Jeans
  • Hoodies


Global Impact prioritizes attendance to ensure that our students receive the best instruction possible. The following outlines our excused vs. unexcused attendance policy:


  • Oversleeping
  • Transportation issues
  • Non-medical personal appointments
  • Out-of-school suspensions
  • Truancy


  • Personal illness (in prolonged cases, a doctor's note)
  • Home school activities (band contest, sporting event, etc.)
  • Religious holiday
  • Doctor's/dentist's appointment
  • Family vacation (5 days maximum)

*for exhaustive list, please see our handbook


All students are leased a Macbook Air for use. Incoming students must use this device while at school. It is important to note that with this privilege, students are expected to use their laptop as a tool, not a toy. All students must agree to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which in summary states:

  • Only grade-appropriate classroom materials may be accessed
  • Respect and proper care will be given to equipment
  • No attempts will be made to by-pass security measures
  • Software copyright laws must be adhered to
  • Software will only be installed by the school or with permission of instructor
  • Students are responsible for all material viewed, received, or sent
  • Respect the work and ownership rights of students, staff, and people outside the building

Failure to follow the AUP could recognize in disciplinary measures, fees, or legal action.


Homework is assigned to increase a student's learning potential and will never be assigned for disciplinary reasons. Specific homework policies are up to the individual instructor. There is a wide array of reported workloads by students (anywhere from none to 4+ hours). Oftentimes, this is reflected in a student's use of time in the classroom. Usually, students are given a large amount of time in class to work individually. Using this time effectively will result in a highly diminished workload.


Parents are expected to be involved in every layer of their child's education, as learning truly starts from home. We encourage all parents to:

  • Ask questions to their children on coursework, but also how to navigate and access their materials on Schoology
  • Participate in the learning experience themselves
  • Attend exhibition nights, held near the end of every semester
  • Establish a parent account on our learning management system, Schoology, to see assignments, due dates, and contact instructors


Schoology is a learning management system that allows for an access point between student, teacher, staff, and parents. Parents will receive an access code for their account at the beginning of the semester. It is highly recommended that parents utilize Schoology often when discussing their child's progress at Global Impact.

For parents, Schoology lets you...

  • Access all of your child's work and current grades at any given moment
  • Receive a periodic update with student work, their grades, teacher comments, and more via email

For students, Schoology lets you...

  • Access classroom materials
  • Contact a teacher
  • Discuss and collaborate on projects
  • Submit assignments
  • Locate your grades