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Global Impact STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academy is located in Springfield, OH and seeks to revitalize education for students. Founded in 2013, Global Impact STEM  Academy was created to address industry challenges and solutions that students can tackle to solve the issues of tomorrow (and today).

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Every class at Global Impact STEM Academy follows a mastery-level grading scale. Mastery is demonstrated through excellence in a concept, skill and/or content standard and proves that a student is ready for entry-level college coursework.


Global Impact STEM Academy embraces the motto of My Life, My Choice, My Impact - a protocol for students to guide themselves through a rethought educational system that leads towards real-life success.



Each senior will be required to have a Senior Capstone Experience - where they will be assisted in an internship or job opportunity to gain valuable, real-life experience towards a possible future career.

College Credit

All Global Impact Students receive the opportunity for 2 free years of college through the College Credit Plus program. Students will take classes through our higher education partners.


Extracurricular Activities

Global Impact offers one of the largest FFA chapters in Ohio, 4-H, and many exciting after-school opportunities ran by both teachers and students. All students may participate in their home school after school activities as well, such as sports and band.


Students are all issued Macbook Air laptops when admitted to our school. These, combined with state of the art technology in each of our classrooms, allow us to deliver content that is relevant to the 21st century.