Join Global Impact STEM Academy high school students as they present their work from the course of the year. Students will display work from all of their subject area classes and electives in a variety of mediums. An open exhibition will take place from 5-7PM where one can offer positive feedback and critique to student work. This year’s expo night is focused on sustainability - finding a way to retain and expand our world’s environmental, social, and cultural foundations. Some projects on display include a Zero Waste Initiative that drives students to make our school more eco-friendly, as well as a Hydroponics Challenge, where students built their own custom-built hydroponics systems. At 7PM, Global Impact’s music program will have their performance in the John Legend Theater. 


Global Impact STEM Academy is an early-college high school certified in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum and has specialized its core gateways to lead our students from the time they begin high school until they enter college or into specialized professional industries that affect our day-to-day lives.

While at Global Impact, students will encounter interdisciplinary, problem-based learning. We blend every course together into real-world experiences and assignments that push students beyond the classroom and into a meaningful future.

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