Global Impact STEM Academy...

will be opening a college ready middle school in the fall of 2017. Our middle school will incorporate inquiry-based learning into projects and real-world experiences. It is our hope that students will obtain a strong foundation of mastery and personalized learning while beginning a successful path of academic rigor. This will help prepare our learners to smoothly transition into our college ready high school program, better preparing them for real-world success.


At GISA Middle School, our curriculum and culture are based on the existing principles and vision of the high school. Our students will be take part in solving authentic problems, making connections with the professional world, and having voice and choice in their learning. Our students will explore the power of their voice, their choice, and their impact.

Our instructors design their own curriculum to help build skills and other competencies that are required in today’s professional fields. We aim to give students opportunities to collaborate, explore, inquire, and create innovative projects that have a purpose and a life outside of the classroom. Through project-based interdisciplinary learning our students will be working to make an impact beyond their school. In our fully inclusive classes, students will be supported at their learning level to encourage them to reach their potential.



In this rigorous learning environment, students will potentially utilize personal technology as well as school issued devices for every student. Our learning management system, Schoology, will also help students monitor their progress as well as help families monitor the success of their student as they move toward mastery.


Real World Science and Exploration

To help foster an understanding and passion for the science curriculum offered at the high school, as well as the career fields that await them, our students will take an exploratory approach in their science courses. They will be exposed to the various fields of agriculture, environmental science, food science, and other important fields where they will be learning with purpose. Students will be able to work with professionals in these fields to begin cultivating their interests and understanding for the demands in the advanced careers that await them.  



There’s no need to worry about the transition to GISA Middle School. Beyond having the support of their teachers, our goal is to have incoming middle school students assigned to a trained student mentor from the upper class of GISA High School. Their aim for this mentor program is to help ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the school’s culture and expectations. 


High School Credit

GISA Middle School students will have the opportunity to acquire high school credit in humanities, mathematics, as well as health and PE courses.  This will free up time during their high school years to do work outside of the school in a professional setting and engage in early college opportunities. Imagine leaving school during your junior and senior year to work in a science field that interests you!


Mastery/Competency Education

At GISA, we have a culture that appreciates the acquisition of skills and knowledge while celebrating student growth instead of focusing solely on grades. We offer our students the ability to master the content and polish the skills that they have learned along the way. This system creates a rich learning environment where students feel more empowered and confident in their learning.



Extra-Curricular and FFA/4H

Enrolling at GISA Middle School allows you to continue participating in many of the extra curricular activities at your district of residence.  In addition, we also offer our own programs and extracurricular activities like band and choir and other programs based on student interest.  Incoming middle school students will also be able to participate in FFA as well as 4H. GISA High School has already cultivated a rich tradition in these youth leadership programs, having one of the largest FFA chapters in the state of Ohio. There are so many opportunities beyond the classroom, and instructors are always open to new ideas that students want to create!

Are you interested in pursuing your future at Global Impact Middle School?