Founded in 2013 in Springfield, Ohio, Global Impact STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academy was created to address industry challenges and solutions that students can tackle to solve the issues of tomorrow (and today).

The philosophy of My Life, My Choice, My Impact guides Global Impact STEM Academy to rethink education so that students achieve real-life success.

We deliver an innovative and relevant curriculum through an interdisciplinary, project-driven school day. Equipped with their own unique skill-sets, our students are then plugged into post-secondary institutions and organizations throughout the state in the fields of bioscience, energy, environment, agriculture, and more.

My Life

Global Impact STEM Academy offers a 2 year rigorous curriculum followed by 2 years of college-level, free of charge, coursework. Students who remain on track will graduate from GISA with 2 years worth of college credit.

In the first two years, students will obtain an education focused around real-life problem solving. Unlike a traditional school where tests and textbooks are paramount, GISA prioritizes the application of this knowledge into student-based projects and the practice of this knowledge in real-life situations. Students will be given the opportunity to address real-life problems and start working towards a better future before graduating from high school.

Each day at Global Impact STEM Academy focuses on life after high school. Every student is recognized by the staff as a unique individual and a student’s education will reflect that philosophy. Some students will aspire to college and post-secondary opportunities at all levels, while others may aspire to careers after high school. Whatever the case, each day of instruction will focus on the individual student.

Each day will be hands-on, fresh, technology-based, and practical. A day at GISA will not be typical; it will have an impact.

My Choice

Students who come to Global Impact STEM Academy are students who want to learn. Therefore, classes can be driven with learning as its sole prerogative. Much of GISA’s curriculum involves students taking charge of their own education. Students will learn to manage their own deadlines and make the conscientious choice to learn each day. Students are expected to reach out to their instructors and develop the ability to know when to ask questions and seek out help.

All students will use laptops every day. GISA wants all students to be equipped with the technology they need to be successful. Students will be able to either bring their own laptop or participate in a computer leasing program that is currently being developed. School fees at GISA are similar to what other traditional schools have in place that students and parents are familiar with.

My Impact

A Global Impact STEM Academy graduate will not only be a problem solver, innovator, inventor, and logical thinker, but will also be able to enter a college-level course of study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. GISA graduates will be able to immediately take advantage of opportunities made to them through post-secondary institutions and business and industry partners. GISA graduates are able to compete in our technologically advancing world. Furthermore, GISA graduates will provide talents and expertise to an industry with limitless opportunities for making an impact locally and globally.