Pick-up and Drop-off Procedure

Pick-up and Drop-off Notice:

Greetings Global Impact Parents!  We are off and running on another exciting and action-packed school year.  First of all, we want to thank everyone for their patience this first week as we deal with the increased traffic that adding 350 new students to GISA brings.  We also want to touch base with everyone to review our Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedures, as well as offer some suggestions on how to navigate your way home from GISA.

Parent Drop-Off

Please remember that students can be dropped off anywhere along the sidewalk in front of the school.  We would ask that you pull as far forward as you can, while still along the sidewalk to drop off your student.  This will allow more cars to enter the line and get them off of Clifton Ave.  We do not recommend dropping your student off on Clifton Ave.  We do not have sidewalks leading to the building from Clifton Ave.  If you choose to drop your student off on Clifton Ave., we ask that you pull over to the curb and let your child out.

Parent Pick-Up

Please remember that the pick-up line starts at the far end of the sidewalk on the Limestone St. side of our parking lot.  We ask that if you get to GISA before school lets out that you pull as far forward to the start of the pick-up line as you can.  Last week, we started a secondary pick-up line down the first row of the parking lot (nearest the building).  We will have someone monitoring as students cross the main line to the secondary line.  If you are in the pick-up line and not yet to the sidewalk, we ask that you pull as far forward as you can when the line moves.   WWe do have quite a few open spaces in the parking lot, if you want to park and pick up your student.  We would prefer that you walk to the sidewalk to get your student and escort them to your vehicle.  Everyone has been doing a great job with this so far, and while it is quite a long line, it has been cleared out by about 2:40.   Again, we do not recommend picking up your student on Clifton Ave.  If you choose to do so, we ask that you pull over to the curb to park and pick them up.  We also ask that if you are in a line on Clifton Ave. that you be aware of busses exiting the CCED parking lot on the north side of the building.  Please do not block that exit.  Some of our busses will come down Clifton Ave. and we cannot have cars stopped in the middle of the road.

Exiting the GISA Parking Lot

  • The exit of our parking lot is a right turn only. Please follow that.

  • If you are heading north, back in towards downtown Springfield, you can turn right on the first side street off of Clifton Ave. which is Liberty St., and then turn right on Limestone.

  • If you are heading south, towards Interstate 70, we suggest you turn right on the second street off of Clifton Ave. which is Euclid Ave.  There is a stoplight there and you can make a left turn onto Limestone St. much easier.

North Parking Lot on the CCED Side

We ask that you please not park, pick up, or drop off your student in this parking lot.  Student drivers may not park in this parking lot during the school day.  If you are picking up your student from YouMedia after school, you may use this lot to pick them up.

Thank you for your continued patience.  As everyone gets accustomed to this process and the flow of traffic, we know that this will improve.  We will continue to evaluate things and update you if there are any changes.