Goal: Build a thematic rollercoaster centered on a certain time period or idea.

Description: Every person has a story. Our lives are a journey of accomplishments, setbacks, happiness, depression, and every facet in between. In this project, we explored the human experience: what makes us, “us”? What connections do we have with others? How do we all relate while still retain our individuality?

We tackled this idea in three ways:

  1. A series of interviews from those of various backgrounds and perspectives on their lives.

  2. An analysis: what makes them tick - what informs their daily life.

  3. An artistic representation - both visually and linguistically - of that person to share with the world.

We pieced together our final production through a connecting poem and magazine cutouts.

Subject: English 2/3/4 & American History

Grade Level: 9th/10th


  • Overview

  • Magazines

  • 11x17 Paper

  • Vellum Paper

Mastery Assessment

  • Interview recordings of at least 2 other people to life questions.

  • Translation of one particular concept to poetry.

  • Completion of artwork.