Are you interested in attending Global Impact STEM Academy?

Take some time to explore this website or contact us at 937-328-6600. If you think you’d excel in our rigorous, unique school, please fill out an application.

Applications will become available in late 2019.

Lottery Results

Posted are the lottery results for the 2019/2020 7th grade class.  In addition to the lottery results, we have posted the report from Clark Schaefer Hacket, as well as the lottery and application guidelines.  If you have misplaced your unique applicant number, you can contact our offices between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and our administrative assistants will be prepared to share with you the results for your student.  Letters are being mailed home to each applicant with directions for next steps.

After careful consideration, we have decided to take 120 students in next year’s 7th grade class.  Our administrative and instructional staff has determined that the additional 5 students will not diminish the student experience at Global Impact.  

Thank you again for your interest in Global Impact STEM Academy!  We wish you the best in your future educational endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Global Impact STEM Academy?

Global Impact is a specialized science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) school that focuses on agriculture, energy, and the environment. We are not a vocational or charter school. Our school functions to train and place the best and brightest students in our area into fields where they can make a difference worldwide through food, bioscience, energy, and environmental efforts.

How is this school funded?

Global Impact has received grants from many contributors and supporters during its start-up phase including the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio State University, Battelle, and more. State funding for each student’s secondary education will follow those students enrolled at GISA for a sustainable future.

What advantages does this school offer compared to other secondary education institutions?

Because of its specialized mission in bioscience fields, Global Impact provides unparalleled skills training and preparatory education experiences for students interested in these industries. Problem-based learning and hands-on, real-world projects give students an unmatched experience in the classroom, while dual enrollment and internship placement positions students for success in the future.

All students have the opportunity to obtain two free years of college coursework. A student’s first two years consist of 4-course block semester courses to obtain all required high school level classes. Students will then move forward into college-level classes offered through the Ohio State University, Central State University, Wilmington College, Clark State Community College, and Wright State University.

In addition, all students will have access to internships and other bridges to real-life applicable positions to both foster further knowledge of these careers as well as obtain invaluable training and experience.

Furthermore, all students are unique and our staff recognizes that. Students will receive instruction with flexibility and understanding. We know that there will be different exit points for every student to work towards and we will find the best opportunity for each student to excel in their aspirations.

What are the costs associated with taking college courses in high school?

Through bilateral agreements and College Credit Plus guidelines through the Ohio Revised Code allows college course work to be covered by Global Impact..

What is agbioscience?

Agbioscience is the study of cultivation, living things, and scientific applications in agriculture. Global Impact is focused around the agbioscience industry as it is a major business in Ohio and the interest/need in the field is increasing significantly.

Do I have to be interested in agbioscience to attend Global Impact?

Although Global Impact is focused around agbioscience, a student does not have to go into a science-related field after attending our school. Students will have opportunities in each of the core subject areas to develop their education.

Does Global Impact teach foreign language?

As part of our dual enrollment opportunities during students’ third and fourth years, students will have the opportunity to take foreign language classes through a variety of methods. Many of our students will be meeting their foreign language course needs through college courses with one of our partners.

What resources does Global Impact use in the classroom?

All students at GIobal Impact are administered a laptop as it is heavily utilized in our classrooms. Students will participate in our Macbook school lease system.

What is the technology leasing program?

Students at Global Impact are issued Macbook Airs for use in the classroom and for schoolwork after school hours. Classes at Global Impact utilize technology heavily. At the beginning of the school year, a small insurance fee is issued for use of these laptops and to protect the student from any damages that may occur.

What community events, clubs, and activities are available at Global Impact?

All students at Global Impact are enrolled automatically as members of the FFA. Our school has its own chapter which organizes events at school and around our community. Students may join our 4-H Club. Furthermore, students may participate in clubs and activities after school organized by both staff and classmates.


How does grading work at GIobal Impact?

Almost all classes operate on a mastery-level system. No class rankings are assigned. For more information, please see our page on mastery assessment.

How does Global Impact measure student success?

In addition to our mastery-based projects and tests, students are periodically assessed during the school year with the Measures of Academic Progress to measure student growth in the areas of literacy and math. Other student measurements include college-ready scores on the Compass Test and other state assessments.

Do you follow the state standards?

Students are evaluated based on the Ohio Department Board of Education Standards and are pushed to college-level performance. Students are prepared for ACT- and SAT-level work and given challenging examinations to bolster student performance on these exams.

How is GPA calculated for scholarships and college entrance when mastery is based on a 90% threshold?

The first time a student takes a class at Global Impact, they will not move on unless they receive mastery in the class. This means that if a student masters all of their classes, they will retain a 4.0 GPA. College courses will be weighted based on its course hours. If a student repeats a course, they will still have the opportunity to remediate assignments, however, they will receive a letter grade at the end of the second semester in which they take that course.

Is there an accreditation board?

Global Impact STEM Academy is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and has its own specific STEM designation as a public school.

Attendance and Enrollment

Where do I find more information about enrollment?

Please fill out our online application so that we can add you to our pool of potential students and contact you for the next steps. You can also contact us if you have specific questions. Students at Global Impact are chosen from a lottery-based system and are not chosen based on academic achievement. Our only requirement is that a student wants to attend and has a drive for learning.

How does Global Impact choose who gets admitted?

Global Impact does not select students based on academics. Students simply have to want to learn and attend here. We will accept all students that meet this requirement. However, if more than our maximum student capacity applies to the school, students are chosen with a lottery system. Students can then reapply their sophomore year if they are not selected and if room is available.

Is this school affiliated with my local district school?

GISA is not officially connected to any local school district. However, we appreciate the support and partnership of Springfield City Schools. We work with both city and county schools to make our students’ transition to a STEM high school smooth and beneficial.

Can I play sports at GISA?

While we will not have our own sports teams, any student can still have the opportunity to participate through their local school district. The Ohio Department of Education allows our students to participate in extracurricular activities at their community school district while attending classes at our regional STEM academy.

Can students still participate in music and after school programs at their home school?

Yes! Many students at Global Impact participate in extracurricular activities in their district of residence. In addition, Global Impact is partnered with the 4-H National Youth Program, which offers community programs. If you have any specific questions about your particular program, please contact us at

How do we know that Global Impact is everything you say it is?

We encourage students to participate in our shadowing program to see what our school has to offer. Your child will follow around a student through their normal schedule and see how our classes are operated.

What if I decide to attend Global Impact and I decide it’s not right for me?

Very rarely do students decide that Global Impact is not the right choice for them. However, if a student no longer wants to attend Global Impact, their credits will transfer over to their home high school. Global Impact has strong partnerships with school districts in Clark County to ensure an easy transition.

We also encourage students who make that decision to do so within the first 10 days of school. Mid-year transitions can be difficult due to our semester course structure. It is also important to remember that accepted students are holding a spot for other potential students.

Can my student attend Global Impact if they are going into their junior year?

We are currently only accepting grades 7 through 10. Due to the speed and structure of our school, it is difficult for a 3rd or 4th year high school student to adapt and succeed. However, case-by-case scenarios may be considered. For more information contact our student services coordinator at 937-328-6600.

What are the school hours?

Our school operates from 7:45AM to 2:30PM. Our staff stays until at least 3:20PM each day to help students with assignments.

How are students transported to Global Impact?

Global Impact has ties with the surrounding school districts to allow for busing to our school. Students will ride on their home school’s transportation, which will stop at Global Impact. Specific questions on your district of residence and their transportation efforts need to be directed to each specific transportation department. Students who live outside the county are typically transported by their parents or carpool.


Does a work in progress (WIP) affect a student's GPA?

A WIP does not affect a student's grade the first time through a course. Students will only see a change in their GPA if they repeat a course and receive lower than an A.

How are classes with a P/F grading system accounted for in GPA?

Pass / fail grades are not factored into GPA but do award credit. As a result, students will only see their GPA factored into 19.5 credits, not the entire 21.5.

Are college classes factored into GPA?

College classes are graded on a 5.0 grading scale (A=5, B=4, etc.)