Scott has been teaching science for 25 years!  During that time he has taught in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio.  His undergraduate degree is from Adrian College and his masters came from Ohio Dominican University.  Almost any science there is, Scott has taught it at some point but his main class loads have been physics, chemistry, and physical science.  Scott also coached many different sports for the first 20 years and also have a great interest in theatre.  Hands-on science is the way to go. This fits right in with the STEM philosophy.  During the summer, he spends his time off teaching teachers about materials science in week-long summer camps.  The opportunity to incorporate much of that into the classroom presents itself regularly.

     When not teaching, a good book is usually close at hand.  Family time is super important so we do many things together.  Nothing beats a family vacation going back to where Scott grew up for a few days of water skiing, sailing, and swimming.

Favorite Quote: I can do all things (Phil 4:13)

Favorite Movie: It is a tie between The Sting and The Dirty Dozen

Favorite Location:  Sand Lake in the Irish Hills of Michigan