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Please see the Junior Presentation or Senior Presentation for basic information regarding the Senior Capstone Experience.


The Senior Capstone Overview and Senior Capstone Rubric are also available for printing.

The Senior Capstone experience allows seniors to exit the classroom to engage in real-world experience for an internship, a service learning project and/or a research project.  The capstone requires students to devote four hours a day, five days a week, for twelve weeks for a total of 240 hours or some similar combination of hours.  Two high school credits will be earned for this course.  The Senior Capstone Experience is a mandatory requirement for high school graduation.  There are many reasons for an experience such as this:

·     The experience connects the “Why?” of many skills and concepts learned

·     Students experience hands-on, practical applications in a real-world setting

·     Students make important connections for summer jobs and college internships

·     They get a break from the regular school schedule and still get to participate in co-curricular activities

·     Try on a career and see if it fits

·     Bring the high school career to a meaningful conclusion

·     Can demonstrate development of soft skills necessary to be successful in the work force

There are five ways students will be accountable for this project:

1.     Students must submit an approved project proposal (approved by both the Capstone Mentor and the Capstone Advisor from Global Impact) prior to starting the experience.

2.     At the end of the project, seniors will display their projects in the cafeteria at Global Impact STEM Academy during lunch periods as well as the fall and spring open houses.  These displays will take various forms including tri-folds with pictures, brochures etc, powerpoints, video presentations that reflect their experience.  Multiple experiences can be used to complete the Senior Capstone requirement.

3.     Seniors will complete three assessments and the Project Mentor will complete both a mid capstone Intern Evaluation and evaluation at the completion.  The Capstone Adviser will make at least one visit to the location of the experience.  If multiple site locations are used each Project Mentor will complete an Intern Evaluation.

4.     At the end of the Capstone experience seniors will defend their projects before an evaluation committee that will make the final decision on passing or failing the project.   The Committee should consist of the Capstone Adviser, the Capstone Mentor (if at all possible), one teacher selected by the student (if at all possible) who has made a difference in his or her Global Impact Experience and one junior student and senior student(selected by the student) to offer support for the student and to see what this “Capstone Experience” is all about.  The family of the senior will be invited to the defense.  During the defense the seniors will show how they have met their goals at their capstone experience and explain what they did, solve a solution on the amount of money invested in them as a student at Global Impact (per pupil amount from the state, amount for tuition and books, etc.), reflect on “My Choice, My Life, My Impact” and what it means personally, explain future plans, what three activities they participated in while at Global Impact that had the biggest positive impact on them,  and what are they most nervous about as they take their next steps whether that be further education or a job.

5.     All work, research and/or volunteer hours and wages (if applicable) should be recorded on the online AET (Agricultural Experience Tracker).

We take this capstone experience very serious.  This requirement is our way of making sure seniors stay focused to accomplish their goals.  The focus of the capstone experience begins with the students’ interests and is generally refined as they talk with the Project Mentor and Project Adviser.

Capstone Mentor Responsibilities

1.     Provides a site for the Capstone experience

2.     Provides oversight for the project

3.     Assists in writing project goals

4.     Approves and signs time sheets

5.     Complete the Mid Capstone and End of Capstone Intern Evaluation form if all hours are completed at one location.  If multiple locations are used for the experience, a minimum of one Intern Evaluation per location should be completed.

6.     Is welcomed to attend the senior’s capstone defense of the project.

Capstone Advisor for Global Impact STEM Academy

1.     Facilitate entire capstone process

2.     Disseminate all project information

3.     Provide clarification of project details

4.     Assist students in:

·     Finding project sites

·     Writing project proposal and goals

·     Revising project goals

·     Completing successful projects

·     Serve on evaluation committee

5.     Makes at least one site visit, preferably two and checks in with student and mentor via phone or e-mail.  Completes a Site Visit Report form from after each visit. 

Student Chairs (2) 

Student chairs are selected by each senior to serve as co-chairs of the Capstone Evaluation Committee.  These students must be students at Global Impact STEM Academy,  and not a relative of the senior.  They carry two responsibilities:

1.     Check in with the senior on project at least twice to provide encouragement.  Check in can include a site visit or phone or e-mail.

2.     Take the lead in evaluating the defense of the project using the form provided by the Senior Capstone Adviser.

The Student Chairs must be available for the defense to complete their responsibilities.

Project Evaluation Committee

Consists of:

- Junior and Senior Co-Chair

- Capstone Adviser

- Invited Teacher

- Capstone Mentor (if available)